Sell Event Placements

or give them away free. Either way, you generate views to justify advertisements.

Promote Featured Events

Up-sell event placements by elevating them to “featured status” for a fee.

Venue Advertisement

Sell ads with link backs to venue webpages. Better yet, set-up filtered calendars for the venues themselves. Every venue has a calendar. Why not let it be yours?

Attract Local Sponsors

Events are enormously valuable to local economies. Identify local and regional funding sources to support your activities through community development grants.

License Your Solution to Local Destination Marketers

You will have the best and most complete calendar in your area. License it to local destination marketers and hotels so that they can embed it on their websites to show visitors what to do once they arrive.

Promote Business Near Event Venues

Events are not just tickets. They are entire activity spaces. A person coming to town wants dinner and a few drinks after a concert. Sell ads to businesses surrounding your event venues.

Sell Event Placement Packages

An event placement package gives venues a chance to have an open channel and an account on your calendar. This gives them more purchasing power while providing you with a steady and recurring flow of cash.

Sell an Advanced Coupon Module

Show attendees hot deals surrounding their event activities. Add this premium capacity so that businesses can offer enticing discounts when attendees are in town to see an event. This module is entirely automated.

Sell Tickets

Your calendar is may be hooked to several ticket sales companies like Eventbrite. You will receive a commission on each ticket sold. You can also run your own ticket booth. We’ll set-up it for you.

Sell Business Landing Pages with Google Maps

Promote businesses surrounding event venues with business landing pages. Add coupons, deals, recommendations, menus and custom business calendars. Show point to point directions from events to local businesses.