Upsell Premium Features

Make event listings more profitable with posters, videos, sponsor logos and more.

Powered by Timely

200,000 worldwide installations and growing

Frontend Submission

Enable event creators to submit events for approval or directly to your calendar.

E-Commerce by Woo

Woo Commerce interfaced with your bank through a reputable payment gateway.

Export and Syndicate

Export any event or category feed to calendars offering multiple syndication options to multiply revenues.

Be Your Own Boss

Make your own schedule with this perfect business in a box

Affordable Startup

We’ve done all the expensive development to package our system for immediate delivery to market.

Sustainable Revenues

Built on repeat customers and subscriptions

Prioritize Event Listings

Sell top billing slots as featured event. Promote events by syndicating to other calendars in other areas.

Sub License

Sub license your calendar local destination marketers. Yours will be better and easier than theirs and they will pay to have you as the event center in their area.

Grow Your Business

By simply adding more areas or more event categories.

Be an Advertiser

Each event has dozens of local businesses that will pay to leverage event attendance before or after the show.

360° True Tours

Represent Visiting Media 360° and VR products.

Soup to Nuts

The only thing between you and a successful business is an upfront installation fee and a desire to grow.

Favorites Builder

Events, businesses, coupons, places have “Add to Favorites” buttons which send favorites to visitors as email lists or custom mobile apps.

Business Coupon Builder

Sell coupon building capacity subscriptions to be show coupons as hot deals on your site, newsletters, and events.

Mobile App Builder

Your users will benefit from a customized mobile app that will be sent to their phones with their favorites.

Mobile Marketing System

Add sponsors, business advertisements, coupons, and recommendations to user mobiles to increase your revenues.

Sponsorship Revenues

Add sponsorships to your site. Leverage events as a rationale for promoting local businesses and national companies like car rental agencies.

Affinity Builder

Hub Events is perfect for expansion. Event filtering means that you, or an employee, can build sub calendars targeting affinity markets such as colleges campuses.

Free Revenue Grabbing Addons

sold to other clients à la carte, these are free to you


  • $0 Monthly
  • Create the best first impression about your products and brand
  • Get more business from current clients without being “pushy”
  • Create interest through blogging
  • Educate clients and prospects using your experience and expertise

MailChimp Account

  • Free up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Manage your client and user outreach with tools and statistics
  • Add events and calendars to newsletters
  • Create interest through blogging
  • Post press releases and deals from cash-paying clients


  • $0 Monthly
  • Build maps of business advertisers near venues
  • Map event itineraries, nights out, hot deals, and crawls
  • Show attendees what else is around
  • Send maps and events from your own mobile app


  • Ask for details
  • Mobile app to send favorite places, coupons, events, and businesses
  • Display events and ads on HDTVs in homes
  • Syndicate events to local media
  • Display events and ads on HDTVs in hotel rooms

Coupon Builder

  • $0 Monthly
  • Automated Coupon Building
  • Start and stop automatically
  • Automated scripts that embed coupons into your site or client events
  • Charge businesses for adding and managing their own coupons and deal campaigns

Submission Subscriptions

  • $0 Monthly
  • Charge a fee to submit an event
  • Product gateway to Timely's frontend submissions widget
  • Automated recurring billing through your merchant gateway
  • Sell submission privileges by the event or for terms up to a year

Favorites Mobile App

  • $0 Monthly
  • Mobile populated with user favorites
  • Users select and add favorite places, events, business, and coupons
  • You sell ads as paid recommendations that supplement user favorites
  • You sell ads to sponsors like banks, care rental companies and hotels

HubSpot CRM

  • $0 Monthly
  • Client organization management
  • Tied to client billing to automate and manage payments
  • Manage records and activities for your clients and business
  • Use as a tool to increase sales through informed client outreach