Cartonova is a small group of technology developers run by Mark Mattson, a retired technology professor at Temple University. Our goal is not to become an industry giant. We are content to write concise code for brilliant products and happy clients. Read more…

We have been a Timely calendar developer for many years. Recently, Timely divested itself of its Hub Site division and turned over its clients to us. In migrating the first batch of these installations to our technology and servers, we decided to package our experience into an opportunity that we replicate worldwide.

Absolutely not!! But you need to be comfortable working at a computer. There is no coding involved in our system and everything is completely automated. At the same time, you need to be willing to get out a shake a few hands. Building relationships is the one thing computers can’t do.

No. We build and license software the same way that Microsoft does. What makes us different is that we show our clients how to make money using what we license. As we grow, our clients will feed their ideas back to us and to other clients.

No. We give you access to your own account on our server. We also train you in how to use it.

The there is no way to answer that question. We will show you ways to leverage your investment. We will show you how our clients are making money. But, the money making part is up to you.

As with any business, there is a relationship between sweat and revenues. One things about this business is that it involves building relationships that bring repeat business once the are established and put on auto-pilot.