Become Part of a Growing Team

Our team works together sharing ideas and strategies to bring local businesses on board.

Kevin is our super star having built a six-figure plus business in slightly over a year. Kevin works with us as a partner now and mentors new site owners like Maryann, who just launched Asbury Park. If you would like to talk to Kevin about his experiences, he can be reached at 231-866-1445. Kevin’s sites are on auto-pilot now. He works about eight hours a week due to the recurring nature of his contracts.

Side Hustle or Full Time Business Package

publishing a beautiful events calendar that brings sustainable and recurring revenues from submissions and local advertising.

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Our Business Model is Built for Growth

Our recurring income model means client relationships (and revenues) last for years.

The great thing about this business is that clients have no reason to quit. Because clients don’t quit, you have a steady income that grows over time. Let’s say you sign 100 businesses in year one at $1,000 per account. If you lose 10% of those in year two and sign 100 more, your two year total is 190. You never need to go back and work your way up from scratch.

A Powerful Method Delivering a One-Two Punch

Promote businesses and events using coupons, 360° tours, CRMs, multi-media channels, directories, place profiles, social media linkages, and interactive maps.

For example…

if 50,000 people are in town for a soccer game, promote the game, as an event, while helping the brew pub get a couple hundred attendees in for drinks when the game is over.

Its Not the Sausage. Its the Sizzle!!

Businesses pay for an edge. We bring 360° True Tours to the events market.Check it out. This is some seriously sexy stuff that engages visitors and builds client site traffic!!

We’ve Got Your Back!

Hit the ground running. Follow our lead. Make your first contacts immediately. Make your first Sale within your first week. We did it so can you!!

We’re dedicated to your success. This dedication starts with a step-by-step business plan that recoups your investment quickly and methodically. It continues with 24/7 support of your website, marketing, and daily business operations.

No Knuckleheads or Pretenders Allowed

We want to grow to 50 new cities before the end of 2017. If we can do that, our brand will start rolling downhill like a snowball that gains size with every revolution. To reach our goals, we can’t afford to be associated with knuckleheads. If you are willing to give this your best shot, we would love to hear from you today.

I’m No Knucklehead. Let’s Talk Business.