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New!! We’re working with Visiting Media to bring low-cost 360° True Tours to hub event sites. We see True Tours and Virtual Reality as an enormous growth opportunity that businesses will pay to have incorporated into their events and listings.

New Strategic Partnership

True Tours for Extra Sizzle

Cartonova/Hub Events recently teamed with Visiting Media to bring the TrueTour™ virtual brochure sales platform to destination marketing in Napa and Sonoma giving Hub Event site owners another profitable revenue channel.

Coming in July!! Hub Events will deploy HubSpot CRM to manage owner hubsite operations while opening the door to robust inbound marketing and sales.

Expanding Client Management and Sales Opportunities

Hub Events to Leverage Hubspot CRM

Hub Events will be launching a fully function free HubSpot CRM for each Hub Events site. This CRM will provide a website management platform that will turn owner sites into business magnets that attract visitors, converts leads, and close customers.

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Advanced!! Hub Events leverages Destination Marketing Techniques that promote businesses and events using coupons, 360° tours, CRM, multi-media channels, directories, social media linkages, interactive maps, and let’s not forget Timely events.

Proven Advanced Money Making Features

Proven reasons that engage businesses.

We increase our client’s value proposition. Events are much more than tickets. They are place promotions and advertising opportunities for local businesses.

Sell Additional Services

  • Detail profile pages
  • Coupon packages
  • Embedded videos
  • Custom business calendars
  • Image slideshows
  • Web Advertisements
  • Advertisements
  • 360° Tours
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Add Coupons Start earning immediately using our fully automated shopping cart and self-managed coupon builder.

Deals and Coupons are the Hottest Things on the Net

86% of Buyers Use Online Coupons

Coupon are essential in a competitive market. Your business owners can use coupons wisely in their marketing strategies by retargeting with banners while luring shoppers back to their sites and locations.

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